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What is SEO?  

SEO stands for Site Engine Optimization.

In short, you have two types of SEO, On-Page SEO & Off-Page SEO.

On-page SEO are the changes that you can make to a webpage, to help that page get to a higher ranking in search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo & Duck Duck Go.

Off-page SEO refers to any or all of the SEO practices that happen outside of your blog or site like backlinks, link connections, social media signals, and any others links.

SEO problems that people face and the easiest way to get around them

You can work for months or even years to make sure your relevant keywords are ranked well on the search engines. 

That amount of work is done while knowing very well that there is no guarantee that your keywords will climb or maintain their ranking. 

Your SEO efforts may have failed to achieve the intended purpose due to some hidden reasons. The following are problems people face in SEO and the easiest way to get around them.

Slow speed

A slow blog or website discourages people from accessing your site, it reduces the interest of the users and at the end, and they switch to an alternative website that offers the same services with you. 

Google can identify websites that load slowly; in the process, your domain authority is affected.


Use tools like page speed and Pingdom website speed test to test the speed of your website. Such tools will give you the exact speed of your website and the things that are hindering it from running effectively. 

To solve speed issues, you need images optimization, enable compression, reduce server response time, minimize the HTTP requests, avoid redirects and removing unused plugins.

Duplicate content

Google punishes those websites that post duplicate content to achieve higher rankings in search engines. 

Keyword stuffing is another area of concern when it comes to duplicate content; Google flags keywords from your content because it is believed you want to achieve a higher rank on search engines.


You should keep your content unique as much as possible. Use a few keywords in your content in a manner that can’t raise the alarm. Never use auto-generated content.

Choosing the wrong keyword

Another challenge in SEO services is the use of wrong keywords. 

When you target the wrong keyword in the post and pages, it can be the downfall of your search engine rankings. Before choosing your keyword, you need to understand your target audience well clearly.


For better performance of your keyword, use SEO tools such as Aherefs that will suggest the correct keywords to use that are good to target and do an evaluation of competition you are likely to face. 

Ensure the type of keyword you are going to invest in is checked multiple times to determine if you are making the correct decision by investing in it.

Meta title and description

This is what informs content searches what your content is all about. 

Search engines puts them into consideration as they define what your content is all about. 

If you don’t bring out your Meta title and description clearly, you will end up missing important search engine, optimization opportunists. 

Broken links come up when your website has more outgoing links; this makes your website cluttered.


Broken links should be fixed or removed altogether. Optimize the Meta title and description of your website to be ranked higher.

Negative SEO

Your closest competitor can ruin your good reputation on search raking; negative SEO is an array of activities aimed to lower the ranking of your competitor, they include things such as creating unnatural links, modifying your content and hacking.

Link forms and scrapped content are the main forms of negative SEO. 

Links are built from groups of interconnected sites or anchor texts; they can also copy your site content across other websites and in the process duplicating it.


Get your site indexed; this is where any small change to your content raises an alarm for Google to make the appropriate action. 

You can use SEO tools such as Copyscape to find any instance of duplication of your content and report it or request webmasters to withdraw it from the website.


Whatever the number of SEO challenges you are facing, you should try to deal with one at ago. 

You might not be able to get them out right away but if you leave them to accumulate, they will end up creating more issues, and in the long run, your ranking will reduce significantly.

Google Keyword Planner

This Google keyword planner is probably the main tool that people learn about when looking into the world of SEO.
The conception of SEO is to find traffic, and use the right keywords to gets results… therefore select the proper keywords.
You don’t have to search frantically, Google’s Keyword Planner is at your service.

It will aid you to find the most effective keywords that have low competition and high volume to find traffic.

Using these keywords as a place to begin for making content and additionally, if you’re spending your hard earned money on ads

there’s probably no greater tool you’ll be able to start with.

Once you’re happy, you’ll already have learned a great deal regarding SEO.

Google Analytics

This is essential to each and every blog and website.

You’ll be able to develop a good SEO strategy if you get to understand the behavior of your visitors,

the links they click on, the areas of the links, and a variation of other details like demographics, and where they’re visiting.

Google Analytics, once learned properly, will offer you a wealth of knowledge which will give you lots of different ideas.


Is an Chrome extension, Mozbar will give you help in assessing the authority of your domain. this will additionally inform you with regards to any backlinks to your page.

This tool additionally helps you find any useful backlinks and redundant ones that come from competitors.

Having this tool will help you to find and come up with a much better SEO strategy particularly concerning competitive research.

Advanced Web Ranking

As the name suggests, Advanced web Ranking offers advanced solutions for your SEO. 

It can help you compare your blog or website ranking on a search engine for a particular keyword, along with your competitors.

Providing useful tools like keyword analysis, page optimizationtracking page rankings, link building and monitor your social media pages.

Raven Tools

One of the most popular tools for SEO is Raven Tools.

This is a comprehensive SEO Marketing tool that compiles data from different optimization tools to give you a detailed report. 

It works as an SEO checker tool that helps you with backlinks, SEO campaigns, competitor research, and social media analysis.  

Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO   A strategy that has always been effective in SEO is the use of backlinks. 

If you have had trouble in backlink analysis for your site, the Majestic SEO is the tool you should use.  

You can figure out the best backlinks for your site and also find the backlinks to your rival websites.  

Armed with this knowledge, you can utilize links that can help improve the ranking of your site.   

These are some of the best optimization tools available. Play around to find what works best for you. 

Keywords Everywhere

The Keywords Everywhere tool is brilliant for finding Low competition keywords and is simple to use.

This FREE Extension pops up with your search engine, and displays low competition keywords at the same time.

 It can be easily installed on either Chrome or Firefox

Provides information about Google keywords, Monthly search volume, CPC and competition data.


Other Keyword & SEO Products to help you with Blogging & Website Building

Keyword research is vital when it comes to building a Blog or Website.

If your Keywords aren’t right, then your site won’t work … and all that hard work will be for NOTHING!

To get the right keywords for whatever your site is about you won’t go wrong with these two products. 

Keyword Researcher 

Is a clever program designed to help you get everything right. It’s very inexpensive, and just a one off payment.

There are video tutorials to help you do whatever you need to do, and everything is a simple step process.

Watch the video It has a great way of demonstrating HOW to do SEO within your content.

Traffic Travis

Keyword researches, created content and published your work, NOW use Traffic Travis to help put your site on search engines.

Traffic Travis can help you spy on your competitors to see what they’re doing right, allowing you to do the same.
This product is FREE, for one site.
Anymore than one site, you’ll be better off purchasing Pro version, where you’ll get added bonuses, at extremely cheap price.

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