Snapishop v Shopify

People like us, who run an affiliate program or business through Shopify, are paying a monthly fee starting at $29. 

There are over 27,000 people in the UK alone that use Shopify, but now it’s time for a change!

Basic Shopify Plan – $29 per month + 2.9% and 30¢ per transaction. 

Shopify Plan– $79 per month + 2.6% and 30¢ per transaction. 

Advanced Shopify Plan – $299 per month + 2.4% and 30¢ per transaction.

Shopify Plus – pricing plans start around $2000 per month + 1,6% and 30¢ per transaction.

This can be a big payout on a yearly basis for the one’s who have big stores, and just to keep your store open online. 

For the smaller store who aren’t making 100’s of 1000’s each year, or maybe just scrapping by, Snapishop is a Gamechanger!

If you are selling products through your own website you have, Hosting costs on top of everything else.

With Snapishop,  you don’t have anything else to pay!

You only have a ONE TIME PAYMENT, and everything is run through Snapishop’s Cloud platform (This is pretty unique).

  • Hosting, as you get to leverage our servers for free                                 (this saves you monthly costs)
  • Anything technical with setting up affiliate stores the right way for maximum sales
  • Spending countless hours finding products, doing research and picking profitable niches
  • Optimising, monetising and building your perfect lucrative store (our software does this all for you in just a few clicks).
  • 100% Newbie-Friendly, Easy To Use, Just Takes A Few Clicks And You’re Done
  • Create Unlimited Profitable Affiliate Stores In Just Mere Minutes
  • There Are No Monthly Or Hidden Fees Like You See With Other Tools
  • Pre-loaded With 10 Proven-To-Convert Templates So You Can Have Your Own Profitable Affiliate Store Up And Running In Minutes
  • Includes Built In Powerful Tools Designed To Boost, Traffic, Leads & Sales Fast
  • Get Mass Exposure By Connecting Unlimited Social Media Accounts On Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, And Pinterest.


  • You don’t have the resources, skills, time or budget to create eCom stores from scratch.

  • App like shopify charge a monthly fee, adds up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year.

  • Design skills and market experience needed to make a successful store

  • Spending countless hours finding products, doing research and picking profitable niches

  • You Don’t Have Any eCom Experience And You’re Not Sure Where To Start

  • Steep learning curves

  • You’d need lots of different apps to even come close to doing everything Snapishop can do.


  • Cost thousands of dollars to outsource this process


  • Other software’s are too complicated to use

Create Affiliate Stores In Just
60 Seconds Flat!?

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